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How to use the services ?

Take advantage of the services is very simple - you just need to enter their card number with which you transfer the money, and the number card on which they are transferred, and the transfer amount per minute transfer money. You receive a check that confirms the transfer.

Between what cards you can transfer the money?

Translation can be performed between the cards VISA and MASTER all Ukrainian banks in the euro.

Where are the limits for the transfer?

A transfer amount can be from 1 euro to € 14,999. With your card per day you can 5 payments totaling € 75,000 maximum. In a month, you can store up to 100 transactions in total make the sum of EUR 150 000.

Whether these payments safe?

The payment systems compliant information security PCI DSS. PCI DSS (mobile ment Card Industry Data Security Standard) - a number of established safety standards, the method of storage control and data processing for businesses working with sensitive data payment cards. Perform standard conditions provides the necessary level of security and protection against external and internal threats. The service is provided in accordance with the contract deal available.

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